by Fr. Camilo Macisse, OCD

Father General of Discalced Carmelites

"...The experience and doctrine of Therese of Lisieux becomes especially significant in our day when new horizons are opening up for the presence and action of women in society and in the church. Women are called to be ‘signs of God’s tender love towards the human race,’ and to enrich humanity with their ‘feminine genius.’ The young Carmelite of Lisieux accomplished both things in her life and we can see this clearly in her writings."

"Therese of the Child Jesus transmits her spiritual experience with her evident feminine style and is direct and intimate. Despite being conditioned by her times, she manifested her Gospel conviction on the equality of men and women, and the importance of mutual collaboration as disciples of Jesus. We can see this especially in her letters to her missionary brothers where she shares her human and spiritual experience: her concept of God’s justice, the way of spiritual childhood, trust in divine mercy."

"Her femininity, like that of Teresa of Jesus, resulted in greater commitment to the Gospel, overcoming all the prejudices which emarginated women of her times. Therese of Lisieux experienced the situation of woman in society and the church at the end of the XIXth century..."

In the XVIth century, Teresa of Jesus herself said, "...I would not want you, my daughters, to be womanish in anything, nor would I want you to be like women but like strong men. And how easy this is for His Majesty, since He made us from nothing."

"Interpreting our two Saints from the XXIst century perspective of ‘being strong women.’ we encourage ALL people of God, men and women, to be strong in prayer, to love and serve God with all your strength, and to never be afraid to tell others WHO he is to you."


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