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The Secular Order Discalced Carmelites no longer offer their Isolate program.  However, I thought that you might like to learn more about some of the studies of the Secular Isolate Carmelites (that is in the Western Province).

Since the Change to our rule, now called the Constitution, we are no longer called Isolate members rather we are now referred to as Extended members of a Canonically established Community

If there is one thing strongly stressed in the new Rule of Life for the Secular Discalced Carmelite, it is the fact that the Secular Order is actually a part of the family of Carmel. Secular Carmelites are real members of the Order. They are not just honorary members. It is precisely for this reason that the Superior General of the Order set up a commission of Fathers to draw up the Rule of Life that had to be submitted to the Sacred Congregation of Religious for the approval of the Holy See.

As an Isolate member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites (in the Western Province) these are some of the lessons that we had to study for our formation.  We studied in all sixty (60) lessons which could take two years or longer for our temporary promise.  It would take another three years or longer before we could make our final promise.  It is my plan, the Good Lord willing, to add more lessons from time to time.  I pray you will find them of some interest to you.

1.    History of the Order        

13.     750th Anniversary of the Brown Scapular

2.    Basic Identity of Secular Carmelites       

14.     The Brown Scapular 

3.    A Method of Meditation       

15.     Profile of an OCDS

4.    The Divine Office

16.     The Reform    

5.     Prayer,   Little Rock Congress 1976

17.      Practice of the Presence of God   

6.    Prayer,  Fr. Gabriel Barry, OCD

18.     Jessica Powers,OCD 

7.    Meditative Prayer,  Fr. Gabriel Barry, OCD  

19.     Sr. Miriam of the Holy Spirit (J. Powers)

8.    Elizabeth of the Trinity 

20.    The Spirituality of Jessica Powers  

9.    Fascinated by God 

21.    Sr. Maravillas of Jesus, OCD

10.  Raphael Kalinowski  

22.    Mother Luisita 

11.  Teresian Carmel, Origin & History   


12.  Message of John Paul II, Brown Scapular

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