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An Effective Guide for Composing Brilliant Essays

Last updated July 12, 2018


An essay is a specific academic assignment, which provides the freedom to write following the flow of words. At the same time, it is not as easy as it may seem first. The process of essay writing will take you much time if you don't know how to write this type of work the right way. There are certain tricks that will help you to craft an impressive essay and stand out from the crowd.

How Should You Structure Your Thoughts in an Essay?

First, you need to start with the short introduction where your task is to present the main idea. Don't write just “My essay is about...”. This is dull and uninteresting. Show that you are a creative personality. It will sound much better if you start with the statistics, data, interesting facts that not everyone knows. After you have caught the reader's attention with the help of the introduction, write the main body. It is not difficult to guess that the main body should contain the detailed discussion of the topic. 3-4 paragraphs will be enough to reveal any topic of your essay paper.

6 Things to Remember When Writing an Essay

  • Quoting the author, do not be afraid to express your opinion, especially, if it is different from the author's opinion. In this case, it should be clarified why you think so, and not otherwise, simple negation will not be enough. Pay attention to the correctness of quotations: inaccurate quoting, replacement or omission of the word will be regarded by the teacher as an actual error. Therefore, sometimes it is better to replace direct quoting by conveying the content of the statement in the form of indirect speech (for example, instead of accurately reproducing the expression of Socrates, one can write: Socrates said that speech helps us "see" a personality;
  • Make sure that the text is complete. Parts of the essay should logically flow one into another;
  • Avoid repeating arguments in similar situations;
  • Check the ratio of the volumes of the main parts of the essay;
  • Check the entire text for grammatical and spelling errors;
  • If you are not sure about the meaning or writing of a word, replace it with a synonym (this does not apply to the use of quotes or exact formulations from the primary sources that you use).

Keep in mind that to craft great essays, you should read a lot to enrich your vocabulary. You need to practice in essay writing if not you should ask yourself who can type my essay quickly and efficiently and go only to professionals . Remember that if you follow the essay writing tips above, you will be able to craft good essays that will meet the requirements of your teachers.




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