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WESG as a Great eSports Tournament

Last updated February 24, 2020


Any eSports tournament is a great event for sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games. World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) doesn't make any exceptions. In fact, it creates some nice opportunities to make some CSGO match bets or wager on any of the other sports events.

Revealing the Winner

Considering the first two editions of blowing successes, it was the right call to action. The decision to conduct WESG was based on the fact that the main sponsor, Ali sports, derives from China. After all, the whole contest is built up around the nationalist idea.

The province of Chongqing was given a new face by the national government. By turning into an eSport hub, the whole province start making up a path to the future. The general prize pool for WESG winners is estimated at 2.5$ million. No wonder it attracts the best players from across the world.

Dota2 and CSGO Match Betting Events

The WESG was launched as a part of Alisports' initiative. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that eSports event resembles the classic Olympic Games. Also, the players are meant to promote values such as cooperation, self-development, and respect towards their adversaries.

How dedicated are the organizers? They do pay attention to the professionalism of every planer by banning inappropriate candidates straight away. For instance, Dota2 player “Kuku” was banned from participating in the WESG final, after making a racist statement about a Chinese player.

The WESG has a lot of games involved in the competition, while is the one with the highest reward. The thing that makes this event stand out from the crowd is that every team that wants to get involved is invited to do so. On average, there are more than 60 countries, participating in this sports event. There are a limited number of invites per game, which is currently estimated by four.

Apart from the national identity, the event addressed some other significant issues. Thus, gender equality is probably the most prominent. The WESG also has a clear concentration on women pro-players. Female players have two options: competing in mix-gender teams or in the special competition for female players only. Being able to pick up the type of contest to get involved into, there is a great step towards encouraging more women in joining the world of eSports. All in all, every player has the right to enjoy the WESG.




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