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The First Dota Games or Selection of Players

Last updated September 27, 2018


You found people, you have the same level of skill, determined the roles and are ready to train. The first thing you need is to look at your partners. If there are quarrels, disagreements, then, most likely, you need to part with them. In the competitive Dota, not only the skill but also the upbringing and character of the person matters. All captains of the teams look at this when they call someone to join Dota team.

If you are a captain, then this should be a postulate for your team. In mutual understanding and distinction of the characters of the players one of the main problems of the majority of teams lies. Here, it is necessary to decide what exactly you need. If you can't find the team but want to do something else, besides playing, then check this resource when having all necessary skills for Dota playing and enjoy betting.

Things to Keep in Mind Selecting Players

  • Good personal skill + terrible character = failure.
  • Average personal skill + moderate character= worth trying.
  • Good personal skill + perfect character = perfect variant.

Consider the first option. It is difficult to meet a team in which players would play, as the Lord of the Dota himself, but would have had complex characters. The team, where players are constantly arguing, is doomed to failure from the first games.

The second option is suitable for beginners. Together with such a player, it's good to grow according to skills, analyze games, train, communicate outside the game, and earn timeplay. The third option is an exception. This player can be found, but more difficult than the previous one. However, why not try?

Now let's talk about the selection process for players. It can drag on for a long time. Many of the players have about twenty or more attempts until they meet the partners they can play with. Be patient!

The Choice of Roles

Position yourself initially to those who are used to and who you know how to play. Jump from one role to another is, of course, good for general development. But you cannot play equally well on all the roles. There are two points, which to focus attention on. First, entry-level players underestimate the role of the support. Second - not all fit the role of the captain.

To begin with, familiarize yourself with the guiding in the wading. Undoubtedly, the captain is the main role in the team. From his/her decisions, the strategy and style of the game is being built. A true captain must be a real leader. Are you ready for this and are confident that you will cope? No? Then, give this role to the right player! Hope these Dota tips will be helpful for you!




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