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The Best Books about Love Every Woman Should Read

Last updated July 29, 2019


Every good book is about love. Love may be different because there is no standard, exemplary love. Most of us have already held all sorts of classic masters from the Bronte and Jane Austen sisters to the Silver Age poets, but other authors who deserve to be read by modern women. Check the list of the most popular books about love and choose your romantic novel in the electronic library by entering "libros de amor" where there is a wide range of bestsellers.

"Antoinette" Gene Rice

The original title of this novel is "The Wide Sargasso Sea" and this is the name of successful screen versions. The movies are good, but the book is much stronger. This is powerful, revealing eyes, a warning book about love, more precisely about "non-love." It shows us what happens if a woman loses her head and forgets herself for the sake of a man who does not need her. This book is a kind of prequel to "Jane Eyre", in which, on behalf of Mr. Rochester's wife, the same insane locked in the attic, tells how once a rich heiress from a distant island of Martinique met an ambitious and cruel young Englishman who was only interested her money. This novel is included in all postcolonial literature programs in Western universities.

"Christine, daughter of Lavrans" Sigrid Undset

Feel free to read this three-volume love story on a historical background - no one dares to blame you for being a fan of romantic novels. It is a work of the Nobel laureate in literature, Sigrid Undset. The Nobel Committee awarded her with the following motivation: "Mainly for her colorful descriptions of the life of the North during the Middle Ages". The novel "Christine, daughter of Lavrans" is called the "Iliad of the North." The novel consists of three parts: "The Crown" (1920), "The Mistress" (1921) and "The Cross (1922). The trilogy begins around 1310. The novel opens with a description of Christine's childhood. At the age of 15, she was promised to be married to a young man, Simone Darre.

But Christine meets Erland's knight, becomes his mistress, and then, against the will of his parents, marries him. Erlenda and Christine's feelings for each other are multifaceted, it's not just love, it's love-hate. Toward the end of her life, Christine feels that she "did not forgive Erland. She could not forgive because she did not want to forgive. With both hands clinging to the cup of her love, she did not want to let it go even now when only one last bitter drop was left at the bottom of this cup. The moment she can forgive Erlend, stop thinking about him with this sizzling bitterness, disappears everything that has ever been between them.

"Hello, sadness!" Francoise Sagan

This is the debut novel of the world-famous Frenchwoman. Do not be fooled by the cover - the action takes place not in Paris, but on the coast of the warm sea. The main character has little relationship to love: the boy with whom they swim and sunbathe is hardly her great love. But on the other hand, out of boredom and immaturity, she destroys her father's great and true love for a stepfather who has not taken place.

Check the list of love books and choose the best one to read.




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