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Things You Should Keep in Mind Playing Hearthstone

Last updated November 12, 2018


You shouldn't be ashamed of non-optimal moves. But it also happens that the best way to apply a card is to make it bad. It may look bad from some perfectionist considerations but being good in terms of the specific situation. Want to learn how to act in different situations? Then, check the guide on how to play Hearthstone successfully for you to be able to benefit from making bets on when being an expert in this game.

3 Rules for You to Remember

Suppose you have a fireball card in your hand, a mountain giant on a field, and the enemy has a target mannequin and Ragnaros. On the next turn, the Fire Lord's ability can leave melted pebbles from our giant, so you need to get rid of Ragnaros as soon as possible. There is only one way in this situation: to burn the dummy with a fireball and set the giant on Ragnaros. To drop a fireball on a decrepit dummy would otherwise be a great folly, but in this situation - this is the most sensible decision.

  • Do not focus on maximizing the benefits of cards. What is of little use in one situation may be the only way out in another situation!
  • You should know what the enemy is capable of. Knowledge of match-up - or, in other words, the capabilities of different classes - is very important in Hearthstone. Although this knowledge is based entirely on probabilities (you never know what the enemy has in your hand), correctly predicted actions can repeatedly turn the course of the match in your favor, and this cannot be discounted. Consider how the analysis of the enemy deck can affect the choice of course.
  • Suppose your rival is the sorceress of Jaina. You have seven mana crystals, and she will have the same amount on the next turn. You have a choice of two moves: summon a goblin sapper, a delicious zombie and an enlightener or Troggzor Terranator. If we recall that a wave of fire becomes available to Jaina for seven units of mana, the choice in favor of a more tenacious Troggzor becomes obvious. Of course, the magician has plenty of spells and to eliminate single targets (the most common, which is important, are not inferior in popularity to the wave of fire). But even if Jaina manages to neutralize the Terranator with such a spell, you will have the Stone Jaw trogger left on the field. And in the hand - three more cards. In any case, so you have more chances to get a plus.

Always figure out how your opponent can react. It is no less important than predicting an opponent's moves, planning your own, because it’s not always possible to accomplish what you want in one move. Follow the tips above and you'll succeed!




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