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How to Finish the Essay: Types of Conclusion

Last updated September 19, 2018


Have you written the beginning and are even ready with the main part but have no ideas for the conclusion? You are welcome to learn what ways of expressing the final thought are. Keep in mind that entry and conclusion should not be more than 25% of the whole work. Schematically, your essay should be similar to the shape of a circle, i.e. must be closed.

In the final part, it is necessary to sum up all that has been said, to make a generalization, a conclusion. Like the introduction, the conclusion should be organically connected with the main text and its key idea. The volume of the conclusion is one paragraph ( depending on the size of sentences, they can be up to 5 sentences). Check the tips for concluding essays.

How to Craft the Conclusion: 4 Best Ways

If you feel puzzled not knowing how to finish your essay, have a look at the variants offered below. You will find the one that will suit your paper most. The high grade is guaranteed if you manage to make your conclusion really powerful and persuasive.

  • Generalization of the main thoughts of the author is the most typical and logical ending of the work.
  • Interrogative proposal, including a rhetorical question, at the end of the essay also returns the reader to the text problem, emphasizing its relevance.
  • Appeal to the reader.
  • Use of the quote. Not every quote will be relevant in the conclusion. This should be a statement that fully expresses the author's thoughts. It is appropriate to use a small fragment that contains the keywords of the text, or quotations from another source, accurately reflecting the position of the author of the source text.

Speech Clichés for Essay Conclusion

Either you are going to write an essay on a certain text, or choose the topic on your own, the phrases below will be of use to you. They will help to express the final thought in a clear and concise manner. Check the phrases for conclusion below:

  • Thus, based on the above, it can be concluded …
  • To summarize, I want to say …
  • Based on the text, we can conclude …
  • Summarizing what has been said, we can say that ... It follows that …
  • I am sincerely grateful to the author of the text, because he/she made me think that …
  • This text once again convinced me that …
  • In conclusion, I must say that the author's efforts were not in vain - they awakened in my heart a desire to better understand the problem …
  • This topic made me even deeper to think about the problem ... to overestimate its importance in our life …

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